Cong Han Lim

math optimization @ UW-Madison


I am a postdoc in the Optimization group at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, UW-Madison. I spent the Fall 2017 semester as a research fellow at the Program at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, attending the program on “Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization”

I obtained my PhD from the Department of Computer Sciences at UW-Madison, and did my undergraduate studies at University of Chicago in Mathematics and Computer Science.

My CV.


  • Validating Sample Average Approximation Solutions with Negatively Dependent Batches
    Jiajie Chen, Cong Han Lim, Peter Z. G. Qian, Jeffrey T. Linderoth, Stephen J. Wright
    In submission
  • A Note on Extended Formulations for Cardinality-based Sparsity
    Cong Han Lim
    NIPS Optimization for Machine Learning Workshop 2017
  • k-Support and Ordered Weighted Sparsity for Overlapping Groups - Hardness and Algorithms
    Cong Han Lim, Stephen J. Wright
    NIPS 2017
  • Valid Inequalities for Separable Concave Constraints with Indicator Variables
    Cong Han Lim, Jeff Linderoth, James Luedtke
    Mathematical Programming Series B 2017 / IPCO 2016
  • A Box-Constrained Approach for Hard Permutation Problems
    Cong Han Lim, Stephen J. Wright
    ICML 2016
  • Efficient Bregman Projections onto the Permutahedron and Related Polytopes
    Cong Han Lim, Stephen J. Wright
    AISTATS 2016 / Journal Version in preparation
  • Sorting Network Relaxations for Vector Permutation Problems
    Cong Han Lim, Stephen J. Wright
    NIPS 2014
  • Work Experience

    Intern at Technicolor Research Bay Area, Summer 2015

    Software Engineering Intern at Facebook, Summer 2012